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We provide tree inspection and assessment services in order to determine the best tree service and maintenance needed for your property.

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Are Your Trees Healthy and Thriving?

Complete Tree Inspections

Inspecting and maintaining the trees and shrubs on your property will help ensure they remain healthy and reduce the chance of disease and possible tree removal. During a tree inspection, a highly trained arborist will evaluate each tree individually and provide a tree inspection report detailing the overall health of your trees, shrubs, and the soil in which they live. The inspection report will identify the type and location of each specimen.

The arborist will do an assessment to identify any immediate risks to your trees and surrounding property that may be present. Based upon the tree inspection, the arborist will then create a customized recommended routine tree maintenance plan and advise you on how ensure the continued health of your trees. In the event you need additional services such as tree trimming or limb removal, we'll work with you to outline the maintenance plan.

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Year-Round Tender Loving Care for Trees and Shrubs

Seasonal Tree and Shrub Maintenance

Seasonal care for your trees is an important step in preserving them for years to come and Galveston Tree Service regularly provides customers with seasonally recommended care and maintenance.


  • It is important to inspect your trees and shrubs for any insect infestation that may have occurred during the winter months. If any are found, it is important to begin treatment immediately to avoid any further damage that could result in a full tree removal.
  • If your trees or shrubs have been damaged over the winter months by wind or storms, repairs, tree pruning, or tree limb removal should be scheduled as soon as possible to prevent a dangerous situation from developing.
  • New trees and shrubs should be planted in April (or when the last frost has occurred) to give them time to establish themselves before the heat of the summer. It is important to plant trees that are native to the area. Our arborists are trained to know what trees and shrubs grow best in the Galveston area and how to plant them to ensure their safety and continued health.


  • Heat can do damage to trees if not properly watered. Different types of trees and shrubs require different amounts of water.
  • Early mulching of the base of each tree or shrub will provide nourishment and hold water during the summer months.


  • This is the time to trim your trees in anticipation of the winter months to avoid limb breakage and damage to the surrounding properly.


  • If you have trees that are susceptible to disease, fallen leaves should be removed from the base of the tree or shrub to lessen the chances of infestation.
  • Overgrown tree limbs should be trimmed and pruned in late winter, giving them the chance to heal in the spring with new growth.
  • If abnormally cold temperatures are forecasted vulnerable trees and shrubs should be properly covered to avoid damage.
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