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When your trees and shrubs new to be relocated, or you need new tree planting and landscaping services, work with our team to ensure the best care and maintenance plan for your property.

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Tree Fertilization

Suitable soil for planting is important to ensure that new trees grow, thrive, and remain happy. Different plants need different nutrients. Prior to planting, our team will conduct an analysis of your soil to ensure that it is ready to accommodate your desired trees and shrubs.

Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, and correct soil PH are all factors in creating a healthy environment for your trees and shrubs.

Nitrogen – an essential nutrient that is one of the most important ingredients in proper soil management. Nitrogen helps trees and shrubs to produce the energy needed to grow.

Phosphorous – an important nutrient to encourage the production plant cells, which directly affects the health and hardiness of trees and shrubs and helps root establishment and the production of chlorophyll.

Potassium – a nutrient associated with the movement of water and carbohydrates, which is particularly important for taller tree species that require greater strength to grow.

Soil pH – measures soil acidity, which can directly affect a tree’s ability to absorb nutrients. Certain trees and shrubs grow best in highly acidic soil, while others thrive better in lower levels.

Our experts can make any adjustments to your soil nutrients to ensure it is properly fertilized to accommodate the trees and shrubs you are planting.

Nutrient levels can change by season, so different fertilizers may be necessary to maintain the health of your soil. It is important to test your soil multiple times per year and regularly fertilize your trees and shrubs to encourage proper growth and health.

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Not all Trees are Created Equal

Tree Planting and Relocation

Selecting the perfect trees for your property can be daunting. Sunlight, soil, water and climate all need to be taken into consideration when deciding which trees and shrubs to plant.

In drought prone areas, it is important to pick trees and shrubs that require less watering. Others require more sunlight, while some thrive in a more shadier environment. If done incorrectly, it can impact the growth and longevity of your trees and shrubs.

Spacing is also important when planting trees and shrubs, as overcrowding can result in competition for valuable nutrients and moisture. Fertilization requirements also need to taken into consideration. When first planted, many trees and shrubs require a bit of extra care to help root establishment.

Our experts can help you plan your landscaping, choose the trees and shrubs that are most likely to thrive, and properly plant them.

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Sometimes Your Tree Just Needs to Move

Tree relocation or transplanting is needed when a tree or shrub has been improperly planted. If allowed to grow too close to a structure, damage can occur to both the tree and the structure itself. If a tree or shrub fails to thrive, it’s possible that it is getting too much or too little sunlight and nutrients and needs to be relocated to a more acceptable environment. Tree relocation and transplanting requires great care and knowledge to ensure minimal damage to the tree or shrub itself. Depending on the size and distance its being moved, specialized equipment may be required.

Prior to performing tree relocation, our experienced arborist will take into consideration several factors.

Climate - weather can greatly impact the timing a tree or shrub should be relocated and transplanted. Moving a tree or shrub is best done in the fall or winter when growth is at a minimum.

Species - certain types of trees and shrubs need more sunlight, while others thrive better in the shade. We will look at your property to determine where you’ll have the most success.

Soil Condition - soil composition has a great effect on whether or not an individual tree or shrub is able to thrive. If the soil is too acidic or doesn’t provide the nutrients needed moving the tree to that location will be counterproductive. Our experts will test the soil composition before transplanting and make any adjustments required.

Spacing - the availability of space is an important consideration. If too crowded, competition of nutrients and sunlight can damage the tree or shrub and the surrounding area. Some trees and shrubs need more room to properly grow.

If you have questions about tree and shrub relocation or transplanting or would like to find out what your options are, give us a call today and we’d be happy to send out one of our experts.

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