Tree Root Cutting in Galveston, TX

Have roots of a tree grown too large and is disrupting your property as well as public streets, and sidewalks? We offer safe root cutting and removal for residential and commercial projects.

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Are Pesky Roots Causing You Trouble?

Tree Root Cutting

There is no way to control where the roots of your trees and shrubs will grow and if they have been improperly planted, chances are they will cause problems. Tree roots can negatively impact plumbing by clogging, blocking or damaging pipes and can also be detrimental to septic tanks and drain fields.

Tree roots grow toward sources of nutrients and water, which is why they often seek out plumbing and septic drain fields. As a result, they can directly impact walkways, driveways and even the foundations of buildings.

Another reason tree root cutting may be necessary is if the tree root becomes exposed and cannot be properly buried again. Exposed tree roots can easily be infested and cause damage to the tree itself resulting in possible tree removal.

Cutting and removing tree roots is a job not to be undertaken without the proper knowledge of how to do so. The method of cutting and removal is dependent on the species of tree or shrub. Knowing where and how much to cut and remove is essential to maintain the health of the plant. Larger tree roots will take specialized machinery to properly cut and remove.  

Ideally you want to avoid having to cut and remove a tree’s roots, as it can be hazardous to the health and future growth of the trees. Properly planting trees and shrubs from the very beginning and can help avoid the issue of root growth in the long term. Our experts can advise you on how to ensure this is done.

If a pesky tree root is causing you headaches, Galveston Tree Service can help by cutting the offending root, while ensuring limited damage to the tree or shrub itself.

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